Community Library

Friends of the Needy Foundation seek to establish a community library and a computer centre for the rural community. This is to enhance education and encourage reading in the rural area communities.                                                             

This will help those who really want to study to find resources available at their disposal. Many children find it hard to study in school because they have text books. Most parents are poor and majority of pupils and students go through school without a single textbook. Assignments are given in class for children to do at home using designated textbooks which they don’t have. The children go home to beg and finally do not get the books and the result is poor grades in class, the children who manage to borrow books have to return them immediately to their lenders causing them to go through the book hurriedly and never enjoy the process of studying the subject at hand.

It is the desire of Fnf to combat this situation and provide the people with a community library where they can sign in for books read and return them to the library.

The majority of rural schools do not have computers accessible to students, if the school can afford this “luxury” it will only afford one or two computers for administration. Computer skills are essential to acquiring a job, so students from rural schools cannot compete favorably in the job market without any computer skills. This raises the rate of unemployment and hinders the development of rural communities. The computer centre within the library will be connected to the internet; this will provide access to the worldwide web to the community opening up opportunities for students, teachers and local residents to access the information they need.

Fnf believes that this will be a wonderful way of easing up the education in the community and securing a sound education for the children. Also there are individuals  in the community who really want to learn and read but they have no means of going to school formally, we will avail the necessary reading materials for them through the library so that they can access them. A reading community is an informed community.

It has also been noted that parents in rural areas who have little knowledge and know the importance of education have the desire to educate their children to make them better people. lot of parents who are illiterate have always been forced to send their children to school because they see no value in a child’s education.Fnf believes that through the community library it will mobilize the uneducated, the poor and the underdeveloped to build a society that is selfsufficient.we need to develop them since many have the potential yet untapped and when they are fully developed they will be of immense benefit not only to themselves but to the whole community and nation. The ability of an individual to contribute to the development of a country lies in her/his ability to read and write and community library is one major means to promote literacy in the rural areas which provides information resources to the people in that community.