Economic empowerment and livelihood

Friends of the needy foundation empowers the ovcs’ caregivers through training and resource mobilization to enable them participate in activities that enhance their development. Our projects seek to redress some of those constraints that make it hard for caregivers to be self-sustaining and limit access to full development and realization of orphans’ dreams.

Fnf’s projects increases areas to education to ovcs’ through provision of scholastic materials and school fees, our aim is to empower the caregivers to be self-sustaining through agriculture and entrepreurship to enable them cater for the needs of their households.

The biggest societal issues we are working to combat are:

  • The near-zero chances of an orphan child having access to basic needs such as shelter,food,clothing,healthcare and education
  • Arise in the number of child headed households as well as grandparents who are forced to care and provide for their grandchildren with or without any resources
  • A high prevalence of school dropouts among orphans because they have no one to support their school fees

Fnf is working hard to reach out to these orphans through their caregivers and provide what we can.

Some of the areas we deal with are:

  1. Counseling and psychosocial support
  2. Education
  3. Economic empowerment and livelihood to caregivers


Counseling and psychosocial support

Because there is lack of proper infrastructure in rural areas counseling and psychosocial support services are primarily located in urban based communities. Consequently rural ovcs’ and their caregivers do not have access to such services. Also fear of community rejection has kept many people living with HIV/AIDS from seeking help. The psychological impacts of children seeing their parents suffering and dying in pain often results to depression, guilt, anger and fear.

Fnf strives to build and strengthen the capacity of community in HIV prevention and AIDS care through awareness, the provision of medical care and psychological/social support to people affected by the virus by bringing external counselors to provide monthly counseling services so that beneficiaries are able to better cope up with their current situation.

Fnf’s aim is to:

  • Prevent the spread of HIV
  • Promote the reproductive health and life skills to the caregivers and orphans through education and counseling.
  • Mitigate the personal and community impact of HIV/AIDS
  • Promote children’s rights
  • Liaise with local and international HIV/AIDS organizations

Economic empowerment and livelihood to caregivers

Friends of the needy foundation’s economic project are aimed at income generating activities with the goal of promoting economic empowerment of the caregivers and the community at large.

The main areas of intervention in this respect include the initiation of the following:

  1. Sustainable agriculture paving way for commercial crop production from subsistence to sustainable commercial farming
  2. Animal husbandry
  3. Entrepreneurship

Our aim is to increase income to the ovc’s caregivers and other vulnerable groups in the community. Also our long term plan is to initiate commercial farming activities, this is basically for sustainable as well as expanding our programs of which its lessons will be carried throughout rural areas for campaign against poverty. This ensures increased income at grass root levels to improve the livelihoods of the rural poor particularly focused on orphans and vulnerable groups.

Fnf trains these beneficiaries in commercial crop production, animal husbandry and entrepreneurship to ensure that income generating activities are viable and the proceedings are directed to supporting the ovcs.

We provide group development and operation skills to enhance the sustainability of the income generating activities.Fnf  promote a saving culture and economic use of limited resources among ovcs and their caregivers, since most caregivers face the challenge of sustainable income due to their dependence on subsistence farming where outputs are very low.Fnf  has intervened and grouped the beneficiaries in order to support them with agriculture skills,seeds,greenhouse kits, poultry and improved breeds of dairy cows.

Due to scarcity of land in our area of projects we introduced greenhouse farming to the beneficiaries, whereby each group gets greenhouse farming kits, seeds and the necessary equipments needed ,by doing this there will be increased food production and allow for some saving which will enable them to keep the orphans I school and meet other basic needs.

Also each group will get 2exotic dairy cows whereby after these cows give birth to heifer, they will be given to the members; after every member has received a heifer the rest will be donated back to the foundation in order to give to other vulnerable groups with the aim to expand this development effort. There will be also poultry keeping where each group will get 500chicks

After supporting them with all these the project is expected to be financially self sustaining in the sense that it will generate income from all these activities through saving and revolving loans that will sustain the project and the beneficiaries after the funded phase expires. Also through the sale of the outputs and saving, the orphans will be able to school and achieve their dreams without any problem and all their basic needs will be catered for by their caregivers. These and other measures shall ensure the project continuity for many years to come.