Vulnerable teenage mothers

A lot of girls become pregnant every year 80% of girls become pregnant at least once before age 18 and 96% of teen girls keep their babies, many are alone, scared and without the education or resources to care for the baby. most teen moms drop out of school, most of their babies grow up and  become teen moms too

The difficult life circumstances of most teenage mothers and their children have intensified interest in finding ways to support young mothers in their efforts to become self-sufficient, delay subsequent childbearing, and promote awareness of child development early in their children’s lives in order to break the cycle of poverty. Supportive services to teenage mothers, with the intent of providing teens with the skills and knowledge necessary to become more effective parents and lead productive, independent lives.

A large number of teenage mothers are poor. A lot og girls as many as 99 percent of teenage mothers are living below the poverty life, and as many as 100 percent rely on their poor parents for support following a teen birth. . The poor circumstances of teenage mothers are made worse by the fact that many have limited academic skills, have dropped out of  school, and come from backgrounds with few role models or opportunities for improving their livelihoods.

Many teenage mothers have a difficult time juggling the dual roles of parent and teen. These responsibilities are often undertaken in the context of stressful environments, many of which are characterized by poverty, poor housing, domestic violence, abuse, and unsafe neighborhoods, a large percentage of teenage mothers experience sexual and/or physical abuse, often by a household member. These teenage mothers face an even greater risk of repeat pregnancy and other health problems.

“When the lives and the rights of children are at stake, there must be no silent witnesses.”

As an organization these are some of the objectives to address the problems facing the teenage mothers: