Sports and skills/education Program

The problem of teen pregnancy has attributed to poverty, theres increased child labour where the children particularly girls hawk basic food stuffs e.g. sugarcane, mandazi, groundnuts etc as a source of livelihood. Parents also give away girls to work as housemaids at an early age in a bid to raise income. In some cases parents perceive the education of their children as a major hindrance to sustenance of basic needs, given opportunity cost of absence to raise income; these factors contribute to high rate of school dropout and predispose teenagers to unwanted pregnancies. it’s easy to entice rural girls into pre-marital sex with trifles such as soap,dresses,hair oil or such small amounts of money as ksh 10(us$0.14).

To address this problem Friends of the needy uses sport and life skills education to empower and transform the lives of teen mothers which is offered on a weekly basis. The program focuses on the following key life skills:

  • Communication
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Financial literacy

Sport contributes to economic development by providing a cheap method of improving employability, by teaching core skills essential for the workplace such as teamwork, discipline and the value of effort it provides young people with a constructive activity that helps reduce levels of anti-social behavior.

The life skills learned through sport helps to empower the teen moms and other girls and enhance psychosocial well being, such as increased resiliency, self esteem and connection with others.

The aim of the sport project is for the teen mothers to adopt life skills, become peer educators and contribute to the community as positive role models and also to give them a chance to go back to school and economically empowering them. The skills and values learned through sport are especially important for girls given that they have fewer opportunities than boys for social interaction outside the home and beyond family networks. Through sport girls are given the chance to be leaders and improve their confidence and self-esteem, as the girls participate in sport they acquire new interpersonal links and access to new opportunities, allowing them to become engaged in community life. Sport provides young people with their own space, both physically and emotionally which is important for girls.

The following are the skills and values that are learned through sport:

  • Discipline                     Confidence
  • Self-respect                Trust
  • Self-esteem                Respect for others
  • Team work                  Value of effort
  • Sharing
  • Cooperation


Fnf equips teen moms with skills to earn their own money, they are trained to select and manage small businesses that generate income for their families and support their kids.Fnf’s aim is to provide training and resources for teen moms to generate enough sustained income, this project has an immediate impact in their lives.

Income generation skills/education

Our goal is to ensure teen mothers return to school after birth of their babies to achieve their professional goals and raise their employment potential of young mothers with the objective of having a viable alternative. These children and their parents know that getting an education is not only their right, but a passport to a better future – for the children and for the country.”

Empowering the Teenage mothersVocational training to teen mothers: In this program we intend to work in collaboration with other institutions that will provide training to the poorest single mothers. Subsequently friends of the needy will provide counseling and life skills related to sexual education, social education, child nutrition etc so that these teen mothers can be wholly empowered.

The societal attitudes and the consequent difficulties encountered when attempting to place young mothers back in the school system have been difficult to overcome. Our organization has an aggressive public relations program aimed at the public at large, utilizing interest groups, service clubs and parent-teacher associations to spread our messages, the program will benefit not only participants, but their community and nation.

Those girls who are not willing to go back to school are able to choose a training course that is of interest to them, since these projects are in rural areas, the courses are mostly agricultural and business based. The following types of courses have proven to be beneficial and appropriate for these girls:

  • Hairdressing
  • Tailoring
  • Trading services
  • Poultry rearing
  • Small scale farming

Community participation

girl empowerment through parents meetingsWe involve parents and guardians in the process of girl empowerment, through parents meetings. Much of the frustrations faced by these girls are due to isolation and lack of adult understanding of the issues they face. Their parents and the communities in which they live may deliberately or subconsciously contribute to discrimination against girls and the violation of their rights. Given that parents have often little or no formal education themselves, they may not be fully aware of the causes and depth of the problems faced by these girls.Fnf encourages them to provide basic needs for their girls to avoid teen pregnancy due to exchange for sex to receive the basics needs which the parents could have provided, and also to report such cases to the authorities as most teen moms are underage for action since it might be a rape case and the girls are afraid to talk to their parents once the incidents happen.