Youth empowerment

Friends of the needy foundation seeks to develop the rural youth by empowering them through capacity building to adequately face the challenges of life.Fnf believes that each individual has something to offer in this life and that circumstances and the environment should not limit anyone’s potential, and a little push may be the only catalyst that a young person needs to  unleash that nipped bud and that is where Fnf provides the platform to transform lives and destines, an empowered youth breeds hope of the future.

Fnf exists to empower the youth to achieve their highest potential through training programs for capacity building and self employment to ultimately churn out a responsible youth with a better livelihood.

Our objectives are:

  • To train the youth in technology based agricultural activities
  • To train the youth in entrepreneurial activities
  • To train the youth in locality specific artisanship activities
  • To educate the youth in HIV/AIDS and protective sex


Agricultural training

Rural people rely on the food they grow and animals they keep for survival, investment in the sector has been relatively low. The use of outdated methods in farming has made agriculture unattractive and thus most of the youth prefer to migrate to the urban centers for non-existent jobs.

As an objective for Fnf youth empowerment we believe that education and training is the direct way to improve agriculture and make it attractive to the youth. The use of modern methods of agriculture will increase production and move agriculture from the subsistence level to commercial level thus improving the livelihood of the youth in the rural areas.

Artisanship training

Friends of the needy recognizes that lasting economic growth can be realized through an integrated approach to product development, business skills training and market access.Fnf organizes artisanship training through the use of qualified and experienced artisans in their respective trades. Fields considered include: electrical, fitting, welding, masonary, tailoring, hairdressing, art and craft and other locality specific specialties.

Participants are placed on attachment with such
master-artisans for a period of time until they can be independent; they then set up their own business and make the best out of it. Further trainings on improving the businesses are also arranged by Fnf to help improve their income for better livelihood.


Entrepreneurial training

Fnf is of assertion that the youth can transform their personal lot if they are to be creative and a bit adventurous in executing thought ideas. Many business opportunities exist in communities and localities where the youth dwell but the only problem is the inability to recognize such avenues.Fnf through entrepreneurial experts organize seminars for the youth of rural communities to identify and begin their own business ventures. Entrepreneurship creates financial independence for the youth as it gives them a source of livelihood and thus improving their well being.

Participants are expected to undergo the rudiments of discovering, starting and running a venture. Further they are expected to acknowledge the challenges and benefits of such ventures and the urge to never give up.

We also help to nurture such enterprises by providing key advice and consultancy services until such businesses are fully mature.Fnf admits that training the youth without any capital yields no result and thus we facilitate the access to credit services for loans to start business. For sustainability Fnf ensures beficiaries of entrepreneurial programs also mentor other youth to be more responsible and start similar entrepreneurship activities.

ICT training

For youth to progress in all their endeavors they cannot be left out of the informational era the world finds itself in.Fnf will encourage the youth to frequently visit the community library and computer center which  we will establish once we get funding to learn more and get some introductory lessons in computers and internet access.

HIV/AIDS education

Friends of the needy accept the youth as the workforce to build a nation and thus must be protected against this deadly disease. They will be educated on the effects of the pandemic and the need to protect themselves. It also educates against stigmazation of individuals with the disease. Education on how to adequately take good care of oneself when with the disease is also important to Fnf and as such incorporated in its awareness programs.